The IRS will begin accepting tax returns on February 12, 2021
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Tax laws change every year and this year there are significant changes.  The Coronovirus relief bill and the Cares Act include many provisions that may impact your tax filing.  Just a few of those are:

$300 above the line charitable deductions.

Enhanced business meal expense deductions for certain business meals.

Stimulus payments that were not received, or not paid in full will be claimed on this years tax return. 

Advance payment of employer credits

Credits for Sick Leave and Family Leave for Self Employed

Individualized Service

Your individual tax circumstances are not the same as everyone elses! We will conduct an in-depth interview in an effort to obtain a complete understanding of your particular situation.  We want to know about the the details of your life that will impact your tax return.

During tax season we often hear questions like:

My husbands co-worker makes the same amount as my husband and their refund is X.

I have tried the online self preparation programs and X is the one that will give me the highest refund,  why?

Are you experienced with Military tax returns?  Yes, we are a retired military family and have experience with filing tax returns for our military members!

Questions like these provide us an opportunity to educate you on your tax situation.  Co-workers, neighbors, and friends each have their own tax situation, and no two households are the same!  Tax preparation software available online or for purchase is dependent on the information entered to calculate your return.  Your tax liability is determined by your tax situation, and the IRS rules and regulations, not the program or the preparer. 

Have you purchased a home?  Had a baby?  Maybe you had to travel or move for your employment?  These activities, and many more will impact your tax return!  The information you provide us will allow us to provide you with the best service.  We are committed to identifying the deductions and credits that you are entitled to!

Haven't filed your taxes?  We provide services to those that have not filed their taxes in a timely manner.  We will assist you in compiling your data and preparing your prior year income tax returns.

Reasonabile Fees

We are committed to providing excellent service for a reasonable fee!  Our clients have expressed appreciation for saving them a substantial amount of money on their tax preparation fees! 

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Questions about how the Affordable Care Act and your Health Insurance Status will effect your tax return?  Give us a call!

Questions about how life changes will effect your tax liability? Give us a call!

Questions about prior year tax returns?  We offer a tax review of your prior tax filings and provide services to amend those returns if necessary!


Tax Scams are seeking victims!  If you receive a call claiming to be from the IRS, threatening you, demanding information or immediate payment, DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR INFORMATION AND REPORT THE CALL


We are a registerd e-file provider.  E-filing your return is the quickest way to obtain your refund!                                        Are you seeking professional tax services?  Visit our office and meet our staff!  We look forward to assisting you.
Tax rules get more complicated every year!   Are you receiving all the credits and deductions you are entitled to?  Our tax preparers stay current with the latest tax changes to be able to provide you the best service.
Business Taxes and Bookkeeping

We offer bookkeeping and tax services for businesses to make sure you are prepared for tax season all year long!

We offer tax services for payroll and sales tax reporting.

If you prefer to do your own bookkeeping we can assist you in setting up your bookkeeping system to assure that you will have what you need! 
Individual Tax Preparation

We offer assistance for simple and complex tax situations! 

Extensions and Foreign Tax Credits
Hobby vs Profit Business Adventures
Tax Status comparison - Married filing jointly or seperately? Child Credits
Education Credits
Profit/Loss and Capital Gains
Amendments of Previously Filed Returns
The IRS works all year, so do we!  We are here to help you!  Payment Methods Accepted:

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