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Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Administrative Support Services

DonkBuilt Service Exchange offers solutions for your small business needs.  We provide payroll, bookkeeping and administrative support services to small businesses.  Often times small business owners become so burdened with these administrative tasks that it hinders the growth of their business.  Our goal is to assist you with these tasks and allow you to focus on growing your business!

Small Business Owners are the future of our community.  Our office is dedicated to providing the experienced support that your small business requires.  We will help you spend more time generating revenues and less time with the administrative tasks. 

If you need administrative support services not listed, please contact our office.  We may be able to accomodate your needs, or refer you to a service provider that can!

With our full-service package, we prepare and print your paychecks, prepare all of your federal and state payroll tax reports, schedule your payroll tax deposits, prepare monthly, quarterly and/or annual payroll reports, and prepare and file your W-2's and 1099's.

We offer packages to meet your needs.  If you process your own paychecks, need assistance in preparing federal and state payroll tax reports, and scheduling your tax deposits, we will provide that service for you.

We will design a custom package that meets the needs of your business. 

We offer full service payroll processing.


We provide professional bookkeeping services that will allow you to focus on your business operations and provide you the information you need to make informed business decisions.

We can keep track of your balance sheet, income and expenses, cash flows, and depreciation schedules. We can provide monthly, quarterly and/or annual statements for your business.

Knowing where you stand throughout the year allows you to make business decisions before it's too late.  Having an accurate picture of your income and expenses will also provide you with the necessary information to plan for your tax liabilities and avoid surprises at tax time.  Your records will be ready to allow for a smooth tax season!

Administrative Support Services

We provide data processing support, printing, fax and copy services, advertisement design, and flyer printing.  Are you a local restaurant that needs assistance with redesigning and changing your menu's?  Our staff is experienced and here to help!  Regardless of your printing needs, we will provide you with a professional product at a reasonable cost.  A professional presentation for your business is necessary for success!  Let us help you!
Payment Methods Accepted:

Cash and Checks Welcome
Answering Services

Our team of professionals provides telephone support for local small businesses.  If you need assistance with telephone support, dispatch of your technicians, or appointment scheduling we can assist you! 
Payments can also be made through Chase-Pay and Paypal.

DonkBuilt Service Exchange is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. "We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice." 

DonkBuilt Service Exchange is not a CPA firm.

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